Don't bomb Syria

Tell your MP to stand against a new bombing campaign in Syria.

Michael Fallon's speech to Parliament on Thursday 2nd July about bombing Syria is part of a process designed to soften public opinion for an autumn vote on such a campaign. Two years ago the British parliament voted against the bombing of Syria - at that time against the Assad government - and the speech is an attempt to reverse the process this time, even though the bombing will now be aimed at Assad's opponents. In addition it will require de facto agreement with Assad. The U.S. is already bombing Syria as well as Iraq, with little success. Many argue that this bombing has helped ISIS recruit. 

The proposal is in response to the terrible attack in Tunisia last week, but will do nothing to stop further attacks. Support for ISIS in Tunisia has grown in the past two years, largely as a result of the growth of terrorism in neighbouring Libya. That in turn dates from the British and French led  bombing of Libya in 2011 which has created a state of civil war, terrorism and misery for its people.

The war on terror, supported by Fallon and the Prime Minister when it was launched in 2001, has failed in its aim of stopping terrorism. Exactly the opposite has been achieved: terrorism has spread across the Middle East and Africa. 

Fallon's proposal means more of the same: more bombing, more misery for ordinary people of the Middle East, more resentment leading to more terrorism. It can be no solution.