The Tories want war. Tell them: Don't bomb Syria.

Tell your MP to stand against military escalation in Syria.

The Tory government is desperate to escalate its intervention in the Middle East once again. Despite being defeated on the issue in parliament in 2013 they are pushing for another vote on military escalation. 

Stepping up intervention in Syria will only increase the violence, chaos and suffering there. It will also lead to an increase in the number of people fleeing the already war-torn country. 


The idea that so called safe havens or no-fly zones are a solution is a myth. Attempting to create either would involve military confrontation with Assad's military and possibly Russian forces too. This would involve intense fighting. The call for no-fly zones was the prelude to the Western intervention in Libya which left tens of thousands dead and the country in ruins.

Britain has been the most aggressive country in Europe over the last fifteen years, leading military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Yet it has done little to help the victims of the wars it so enthusiastically pursues and it has been at the forefront of opposing a humane policy towards refugees.

Another destructive bombing campaign is no solution whatsoever. It will make moves toward a political solution harder. It risks intensifying and widening what is already a catastophic war.Tell your MP to stand against further military escalation in Syria and prevent another disastrous intervention.